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Systematize restaurant operations through process automation and optimization of service costs. Focus eRMS is a one-stop solution that takes care of every aspect of restaurant management, be it order booking, table management or kitchen administration.

With Focus eRMS, you can optimize your kitchen consumables, table occupancy and define new menus. Its seamless integration with hand-held devices makes it the best suited hotel management and billing software for any restaurant.

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Top Benefits


Business Benefits

    • Multi lingual approach
    • Multi currencies and partial payment options
    • Calendar definition and counter scheduling
    • User friendly interface with both touch screen and keypad entry options
    • Allows combining multiple members points for points redemption
    • Robust architecture that enables Integration with third party ERP
    • Message broadcasting
    • Dynamic sales operation
    • Up selling (Promotional messages)
    • Auto indenting based on reorder level
    • Combines different promo schemes
    • User definable Notifications and Alerts

Functional Benefits

    • Assign role-based security to employees, i.e., approvals for discounts and credits can be made only with the id of a manager
    • Flexible payment and tendering option in the form of, cash, cheque, debit/credit card, gift vouchers and credit notes as well. It supports partial payment options also.
    • Enables you to generate, scan and print barcodes
    • Message broad casting allows users to send messages from head office to outlets and vice versa
    • Kitting and de kitting option
    • Introduces gift voucher sale including in-house and external gift vouchers
    • Easy refunds, returns and exchange with the sales return option in the form of credit sales return, cash sales return, coupon sales return
    • Issuing and redemption of credit
    • Order processing with linking of various documents
    • Reorder based auto indenting
    • Inventory transfers
    • Stock reconciliation
    • Maintains inventory and receipts
    • Customer tracking
    • Kitchen requests
    • Display list of open orders
    • Printer configuration
    • Customer wise tips
    • Make to order
    • Make to stock
    • Discount Management
    • Schemes and Loyalty Programs
    • Accounting Integration
    • Off Line Synchronization
    • Split /Merge Bill Functionalities
    • Powerful Reports for smart Business decisions

Technical Benefits

    • Technology used: .Net GUI Scalability
    • WPF Forms is framework for building rich GUI applications
    • Event-driven execution model
    • Web-services support
    • Easy to deploy
    • High reliability and availability
    • High performance and scalability
    • RAD (Rapid Application Development)
    • Rich set of user controls and UI inheritance
    • Resolution Independent
    • Data binding components
    • Printing support
    • Unicode support


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