Focus 9

Focus 9, a fully secure ERP software, comes with the Single Sign-on (SSO) data security framework to provide secured access to data and applications while relieving users from handling multi-permissions challenges. Despite being built with innovative technology, Focus 9 executes the benefit of having a simplified interface and provides a superior user experience.

The next generation in-memory computing engine in Focus 9 accelerates the speed of queries and reports, providing up-to-date responses within seconds. The advanced database architecture eliminates the data variation between operational and decision systems, providing businesses access to accurate real-time data all the time.

Focus 9 harnesses the power of integrated data with one database for everything. The upgraded infrastructure provides fast access, storage, and manipulation of a large volume of business information from all resources. This framework actively enhances ERP performance, cuts down cost, and simplifies business operations to improve the experience of the end user.

The new database management system works on intelligent data storing and retrieving mechanism which increases the speed, accuracy, and accessibility of outcome-driven information. This upgraded technology-driven feature enables organizations to take immediate action based on high-speed analysis of real-time data.

Repudiating the traditional 'one-size-fits-all’ ERP system, Focus 9 has readymade templates designed for multiple industries. Each of these industry-ready templates is built with a specific set of modules to support the requirements and address the challenges of a particular industry. Being ready-to-use, these ERP solutions reduce time and cost involved in developing the software from scratch or in customization. Businesses can stay agile and competitive by using the readymade solutions which can be deployed at a significantly less amount of time.

The industry-ready templates of Focus 9 support additional levels of customization, allowing repurposing of the ERP software of the fit the unique business needs of a particular company. The extensive personalization provides flexibility, improves usability and performance of the ERP system. Furthermore, an optimized dashboard improves the user interface, making it easy for administrators to stay organized and attain a better control over the solution.

As a thin client application, Focus 9 offers uttermost flexibility to manage businesses on the go. As one of the best web-based ERP software provides access to the modules or the entire solution over the internet, without the need of powerful servers at the users’ end. This largely lowers the server and hardware installation and maintenance cost of businesses. Besides, the reduced hardware installation speeds-up the deployment process, leading to minimal disruption in the business operations. The system increases the accessibility of data, giving users the freedom to fetch them whenever needed.

Focus 9 is a fully mobile application which can be used to optimize essential business data and improve the efficiency of operations anytime, anywhere. This means it can be accessed through almost every device connected to the web including desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This accessibility independence offers great flexibility in expanding the reach of geographically dispersed organizations, without needing additional investment for connectivity.

Focus 8

Focus 8 is an ideal solution for finance management software. Apart from its ability to automate the filing of GST and country-wise tax returns, the module has comprehensive features for core finance management, expenses and analytics, and works as a user-driven finance software.

With unmatched capabilities as sales ERP software, Focus 8 is a revolutionary solution for sales management. Apart from delivering powerfully integrated sales features, the module also helps users in putting all resources to work while synchronizing the sales operations with the supply. Users can manage and track credit sales, cash or retail sales and monitor vertical specific sales processes along with promotions and schemes.

With its comprehensive modules for Manufacturing, Warehousing and Supply Chain establishments, Focus 8 has garnered much attention from major organizations operating in Singapore and its neighboring countries.

The Manufacturing module enables users to make detailed batch wise analysis, standard cost versus actual consumption analysis, man, machine & material analysis, production planning and scheduling (based on orders or forecast) among many other capabilities. Similarly, the warehouse management module covers all major aspects of managing storage facilities and logistical operations.

The solution also features a robust module for procurement which assists users in automating the procurement processes and saving costs. With Focus 8’s procurement module, users can streamline sourcing and contract management and can proactively ensure compliance. Invoices can be fine-tuned and data can be extracted automatically, eliminating the possibility of duplications and data entry errors. Users can also manage consignment purchases, material returns & rejections, pricing and master data. The solution also enables users to make supplier quotation comparative analysis, track shipment notifications and a procurement flow which users themselves can define.

This ERP business software has also emerged as an effective solution for supply chain management, assisting manufacturing units through its proficient module for purchase and inventory management. It also aids users in managing standard vertical specific processes, inventory utilities and bin management.

With Focus 8’s Inventory Management module, businesses can ensure that their inventory investment is based on customer service goals rather than mere estimations. The solution helps users in improving their demand-planning to ensure that they don’t have to face out-of-stock situations.

The module includes tools to manage inventory reservations, tracking & transfers, batches, expiry dates and product profiling through serialized inventory controls.

Focus 8’s Quality Control module equips manufacturers and business owners to convert product designs into production realities. It is armed with critical functions such as rule definition for testing, quantity breakups for sampling, test approvals and test definitions which can be defined by users. The solution also has dedicated modules for fixed assets management and retail management.

The Human Capital Management module of Focus 8 is the best tool that can transform the human resource of any organization into a strategic force. The module allows business owners to align the human resource processes to their business goals. With comprehensive features to streamline recruitment management and automate payroll, Focus 8 enables organizations to centralize employee data at a single platform, track all activities and provide them with an HR-free ESS.

Although Focus 8 has been known for its comprehensive modules since its launch, it has emerged as the answer for all GST and other tax related concerns from a business management perspective. With Focus 8, users can automate price and tax rates for easy, faster & accurate Billing, trace receivables and payables, track sales and purchase orders, file GST returns with ease, print/email custom based tax invoice with all the basic requirements, gain visibility and manage inventory.

The robust nature of Focus 8 allows it to adapt to any organization’s size and depth while blending in with its hierarchy and structure. To discuss your business challenges, opt for a free consultation from our product expert by sharing your details here.

To discuss your business challenges, opt for a free consultation from our product expert by sharing your details here.

Focus i

Strengthen your business with a flawless Business Intelligence embedded in a strong ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) that enables seamless integration, effortless customization and reliable/flawless automation.

Gain total control over your business. Customize with ease, integrate without trouble and automate with confidence

A revolutionary product, Focus i combines the sharpness of Business Intelligence with the depth of a traditional ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning). It enables users to run statistical models, analyze data, extract, and generate business intelligence reports on the go.

Focus WMS

As a cloud based WMS software, Focus WMS provides the staff and managers with all the information that is required for efficient control and tracking of stock in a warehouse. Users get an automated support to help themselves in processing the movement of all goods and maintaining current stock in the inventories. Apart from this, Focus WMS solution also helps users in optimizing material flow and enhancement of stock management. With its abilities to automate the complex business process and providing managers and owners with insights based on data, the solution helps warehouses clear the beltway faster as a result of which business can be increased swiftly.

With comprehensive modules for all aspects of a warehouse and logistics establishment, Focus WMS is a perfect material management software to enable order fulfillment, on-time shipments, reduction in processing time and minimizations in shipping errors. Its customizable dashboard enables users to improve responsiveness for a variety of demand and supply, while also eliminating the need for costly physical inventories. The solution provides real-time information to the managers and owners, allowing them to have total control. As an RFID enabled warehouse management software, it automates restocking, based on maximum and minimum levels and enables task sequencing and task interleaving.

Unlike generic warehouse software, Focus WMS can be customized to tailor-fit your organization as per the requirements. It gives users the freedom to scale up only when they need to while also ensuring that their existing warehouse and human resources are put to optimum utilization by helping in the planning and tracking of labor resource and establishing user configurable parameters.

Focus WMS fulfills the requirements of both third-party warehousing management and in-house inventory management. For third-party warehousing, the solution also generates invoices base on quantity and CBM usage of the warehouse. With user-definable tariff system linked to different stores, calculation of invoices and charges against each shipment has been simplified like never before.

This powerful system helps to ensure fast, optimized workflow, utilizing the most advanced wireless and bar code technologies, including RFID. The system executes strategic processes such as receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment/pick/pack, loading and shipping. Additionally, warehouse advantage features RFID enablement, including compliance and other key processes.

Apart from being easy to deploy, the solution features several add-on functionalities that can be deployed based on the requirements. The security model of Focus WMS is comprehensive and safeguards all the resources without hindering their movement and usage. It is the ideal solution to prevent chaos at a warehouse and eliminate all obstacles that will slow down operations.

Focus MRP

With comprehensive modules that include Production Master Data, Shop Floor management and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) the cloud MRP solution integrates all aspects of manufacturing, making it a crucial need factories and plants. It effectively minimizes bottlenecks and achieves greater transparency and operational control. By increasing resource utilization, it reduces costs and wastage of resources. Focus MRP’s integration capabilities are robust enough to be used for multi-location plants. It can schedule output based on plant-wise capacity, achieve standard output with predefined routes in production lines, generate forecasts, completion and process-based reports and send out on-time procurement reminders.

The Focus MRP solution has three types of modules.

» Finite capacity planning

» Infinite capacity planning

» Delivery date estimation

Modules for finite capacity planning are essential for developing manufacturing plans that are accurate, feasible and efficient. On the other hand, Infinite capacity planning can be utilized to determine bottlenecks. The delivery date estimation module provides a quick and powerful means of arriving at realistic delivery dates for new orders, taking into account the current workload and material availability.

The production module is a vital part of any inventory and manufacturing scheduling software. The extensive production module of Focus MRP makes it stand out as top manufacturing software with wide-ranging tools and features.

The Production Master Data module of this material requirement planning software has multiple features that are designed to support various stages of manufacturing operations. Its production planning feature helps an organization plan production with the optimum utilization of all available resources while material requirement planning can be carried out based on the production advice generated by the sales department. The feasibility of production is evaluated using details like raw material availability, procurement time, machine availability and capacity. The module also enables users to generate a production schedule for all machines. The scheduling is done in an optimized fashion based on production priorities. Features such as material billing and GUI routing are also covered under this module.

Specific features for material requirement planning help users in analyzing lead time, quotation, management of supplier contracts and planning for dependent and independent requirements.

Focus MRP has dedicated modules for shop floor management and shift management. Users can integrate the shop floor with production by connecting issues of material and their transfer to production, analyze variance and generate replenishment reports.

The shift management module enables users to integrate finance with inventory and enables optimum utilization of IT resources. The module also helps in updating production costs (including overhead) and integration of the plant/unit with the warehouse management for improved inventory control.

Focus MRP’s quality control module combines features that make the solution stand out as the best manufacturing software. Users can designate test definitions, define rules for testing, manage sample and total tests, QC requisition, test approvals and quantity breakups.

The maintenance module brings complete control of the plant/s to the user’s fingertips. Through the maintenance module, users can define jobs for individual machines and assets, schedule them and maintain specific job cards. Users can also use break-down scheduling to time tasks as per their requirements.

With a module specific for fixed assets, users can track and manage the plant’s assets, add or remove value of components, manage asset capitalization, transfers, conversions, depreciation and retirement. All this can be tracked through customizable reports.

These comprehensive modules allow business owners and managers to ensure that their plant increases its production quality while still retaining tight control over inventory and avoiding wastage in resources, making the Focus MRP the best MRP software for manufacturing units of all sizes.

Focus Softnet is an accredited vendor of GST compliant solutions and one of the top MRP software providers in in Singapore. As an experienced provider of business solutions that are compliant with local tax regulations, the company has earned unwavering trust when it comes to providing and deploying tax complying business software.

All solutions of Focus Softnet are known to comply with the tax regulations in the countries they are used. In the GCC countries, where the new tax laws were implemented in January 2018, it was one of the first ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) providers to put its users live with VAT compliant features.

The robust nature of Focus MRP allows it to adapt to any manufacturing plant’s size and depth while blending-in with its hierarchy and structure. It’s one of the most comprehensive material requirement planning software with capabilities to assist manufacturing processes and achieve greater degree of compliance and customer satisfaction can redefine your establishment’s operations.

To discuss your business challenges, opt for a free consultation from our product expert by sharing your details here.

Centra CRM


With cloud Centra CRM, owners can also manage planned-preventive-maintenance (PPM) and reactive or breakdown maintenance with tools to create and manage contracts, schedules, requests, services and assets under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

CentraHub is the provider of a comprehensive customer relationship management solution which includes features that encompass every business aspect and have the potential to give you ROI in a very short period of time. To discuss your business challenges, opt for a free consultation by filling the form.

Centra HCM


The solution has a total of 42 comprehensive features such as organization tree, job grade, roles, responsibility & description, workflows, manpower budget & planning, job postings, shortlisting & scheduling, scheduling, evaluation, onboarding, communications-engine, payroll components, pay tag, pay group & pay batch, pay frequency, CTC matrix, and a database of general, personal and professional details of employees.

The cloud HCM software has garnered huge praises from top business organizations who continue to use it for its efficiency and ease of use. You can request a free demonstration of the solution to see its capabilities first-hand and understand the potential of its features.

Centra Auto

Centra Auto is a one-stop CRM software for automotive businesses, including rentals, leasing, garages and workshops. It’s a comprehensive automotive management software that can also be used as a DMS and to manage all operations of automobile sales. The solution is provided by Centra Hub, a trusted vendor of industry-specific CRM solutions in the Far East.

Dealership Management Software for Automobile Sales

Centra Auto treats each opportunity in the sales funnel with utmost care through its robust DMS. It ensures that each lead is handled correctly, with proper communication, timely follow-ups and standard procedures. Apart from storing and tracking all records in an orderly format, its DMS ensures that all workflows function flawlessly, providing complete visibility over all the stages of sales lifecycle, acquisition, tracking, supplying and estimation. The solution also keeps track of test drives, documentation and logs, discount and negotiation authorizations and delivery checklist.

Automated Management of Garages and Workshops of All Sizes

Owners of garages and workshops can use Centra Auto as a reliable automobile service management software. The solution helps owners in avoiding overcrowding of their garage spaces by automating bookings based on an availability calendar. It can also manage job requests, estimations, periodic service maintenance (PPM) and service contracts. Owners can also use Centra Auto to manage estimation and quotation of the services, customer approvals, job card initiation, work logs and spare parts consumption, management of warranties, claims and insurance.

With additional features for inventory management, users can automate stock management, requisition management, replacement of parts, JIT and parts procurement. They can also generate invoices, receipts, gate passes and manage all aspects of vehicle delivery after servicing.

Car Rental and Leasing Management

Businesses that run car rentals and leasing operations stand to benefit hugely with Centra Auto’s features that cater specifically to their requirements. The solution helps owners keep track of all customer records, ensures compliance with internal rules and laws, provides a comprehensive dashboard to view all aspects of business, including reservations, contracts, expiry tracking and terminations. The solution also includes features to monitor agreement extensions, renewals, violations, toll logs, and enables users to integrate the solution with an existing ERP to manage cash and credit.

Centra Auto is one of the most sought-after solutions of CentraHub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet, which is known as one of the top providers of ERP software in Singapore and other 16 countries across the globe. The cloud based automotive sales software combines flexibility and customization with ease of use and quick deployment.

To witness its capabilities first-hand and to discuss your business challenges, you can opt for a free consultation by filling the form

Focus POS

Focus POS supports quick synchronization which allows users to manage remote stores from one central location, transfer stock between stores, share pricing, share customers, schemes, gift cards, receivables etc. Other important features include its support for multiple languages and multiple currencies for all stores it’s used in.

Focus POS has 9 comprehensive modules that can be customized to suit a retail store’s needs and requirements. All the modules can be accessed through a powerful dashboard which is a set of customizable information panels for masters and transactions. Users can define what type of notifications they want to receive and share the dashboard with other users/employees as and when required.

The modules cover all the major aspects of retail such as sales, pre-orders, home deliveries, purchase orders, inventory transfers, customer tracking, discount management, schemes, promos and loyalty program management, data synchronization and security.

Focus POS is equipped with numerous capabilities which make it stand out as the best POS software for retail stores. Its user friendly interface can be used by both touch screen and keypad. It has enhanced data synchronization capabilities that are further strengthened with its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration. Users can enable flexible payment and tendering options and also activate support for multiple currencies and languages.

Focus POS empowers retail store owners by giving them total control over their inventories. Users can manage inventory transfers and stock reconciliation and enable reorder based auto indenting while getting notified on stock below the reorder level. They can also process orders by linking various documents, issue and redeem credit notes and use functions such as branch requisition of items and dynamic rounding off.


With Focus POS, store owners can obtain feedback from customers after home deliveries, introduce gift vouchers, both in-house and external; and obtain powerful reports through the in-built advanced report designer.

Security is of paramount importance for every retail establishment. The security features of Focus POS are not only strong and effective but are also smooth and operation-friendly, ensuring that despite capable security, no operations are hindered or hit roadblocks. With Focus POS, store owners can enable multiple security features such as database and windows authentication, role-based security, user definable password policies, enhanced network access facility, domain user login, location level security, robust data security, configurable manager approval system and user verification system to track daily operations.

Focus POS also covers the pricing aspect for all products in a retail store. It supports multiple price book definitions and is equipped with several pricing options such as time duration pricing, location based pricing, promotional offer pricing, currency specific price definitions, unit wise pricing, customer/ Vendor specific pricing and different seller and buyer price books. As a capable cashier system software, it integrates all the afore-mentioned features with its billing features which are compliant with Singapore’s GST regulations and the local tax laws of Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Focus Softnet emerged as one of the top GST ready POS software providers in Singapore where it’s an accredited provider of GST compliant POS retail software. Its expertise in providing comprehensive business solutions across various industries has earned it trust and admiration from major business establishments. Since its inception, it has prepared multiple business solutions that complied with different tax regulations across several countries, making it an experienced and trusted provider of tax complying business software. All solutions of Focus Softnet are known to comply with the tax regulations in the countries they are used. In the GCC countries, where new tax laws were implemented in January 2018, the company was one of the first ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) providers to put its users live with VAT compliant features.

Focus POS fully complies with GST regulations. It makes GST return filing easy with its integrated modules and its ability to manage multiple outlets by assimilating and synchronizing sales data. It can also speed up transactions at your retail store with quick configuration and options such as specifying various modes of order placements.

To discuss the challenges faced by your retail business, opt for a free consultation from our product expert by sharing your details here.

Focus eRMS

The restaurant management software also empowers owners and managers with features to track purchase orders, inventory transfers, stock reconciliation and return processing. With multiple security levels, powerful reports and user verification, the software ensures theft prevention and makes it easy for the managers to run operations with total oversight. The robust security mechanism of the solution includes database and Windows authentication, role-based security, user definable password policies, enhanced network access facility and location level security.

As the top hotel management software on cloud, Focus e-RMS features enhanced data synchronization, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-location support; which is combined with flexible payment options, branch requisition and reorder based on auto-indenting. Ensuring customer satisfaction becomes easy with Focus e-RMS as it introduces home delivery feedback, delivery time tracking, gift voucher sales, discount management, schemes/promos and loyalty programs.

In order to implement dynamic pricing structures in the hotel, the GST Compliant Restaurant Management Software features multiple price book definitions, different price books for sellers and buyers, time duration pricing, location-based pricing, promotional offer pricing, currency specific price definitions, unit based pricing and customer/vendor specific pricing.

Table management with Focus e-RMS guarantees seamless operations. Right from table reservation and allotment, to the transfer, movement or combination of tables; there is no aspect of table management that can be found missing in the software. With Focus e-RMS, home deliveries need not be the harrowing affairs which they usually are. Managers and owners can assign drivers, enable driver logins and track delivery time right from their screens.

The mobile restaurant POS feature of Focus e-RMS allows waiters to access the solution on their mobile phones via access codes. The waiter login page can be customized to fit the restaurant’s requirements and serve priority can also be managed based on customer requests. The mobile POS also features comments for the chef that can be written; messages, split billing, table selection and management of void, open and recall orders.

The dynamic report capabilities of Focus e-RMS enable restaurant managers and hotel owners to take smart and timely decisions. The unique customization allows users to design the reports as per their requirements. Users can generate location wise reports, member related reports, process reports, time specific reports, reports to compare current sales data with previous data, MIS reports, inventory reports and sales and purchase reports.

 Focus Softnet emerged as one of the top GST compliant restaurant management software in Singapore, where it’s an accredited provider of GST ready restaurant management software. Its solutions also comply with the local tax regulations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Bangladesh. The company's expertise in providing comprehensive business solutions across various industries has earned it trust and admiration from major business establishments. Since its inception, it has prepared multiple business solutions that complied with different tax regulations across several countries, making it an experienced and trusted provider of tax complying business software. All solutions of Focus Softnet are known to comply with the tax regulations in the countries they are used. In the GCC countries, where new tax laws were introduced in January 2018, it was one of the first ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) providers to put its users live with VAT compliant features.

Focus e-RMS fully complies with GST regulations. It makes GST return filing easy with its integrated modules and its ability to manage multiple restaurants by assimilating and synchronizing sales data. It can also speed up operations at your restaurant with quick configuration and multiple capabilities to retain customers.

For managers and owners in the hospitality industry, Focus e-RMS is the best restaurant management software as it gives operators all the tools they need to increase the pace of their services. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes Focus e-RMS a great system for your hotel’s POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single store or part of a nation-wide chain, we will help you achieve simplicity in restaurant management.

To discuss the challenges or requirements for your restaurant or hotel business, opt for a free consultation from our product expert by sharing your details here.

Centra REMS

As a one-stop property management software, Centra REMS provides complete visibility over the sales funnel, revenue, asset availability and other key metrics for smooth distribution of Real Estate Assets including legalization of documentation. With its feature to track and leads and opportunities, users can track and manage leads, opportunities, site visits, brokers, brokerage costs, proposals, validities, confirmations, availability of real estate stock, and current status of each sale in the finalization or legalization phase.

The solution is also equipped with important features such as agreement management and integration capabilities through which owners can connect with popular real estate portals and platforms for easy publication of asset inventory to attract traffic and generate leads.

Centra Owners' Association Management System is web base community management and invoicing portal that facilitates the management of community events, calendars, facilities and activities, with online logins for owners, tenants and community managers. It has dedicated tools for budget management, collection process and occupant management. While the budget management tool helps in budget planning and submitting it to RERA for approval, the collection process has in-built alert systems that check the contract expiration and payment due dates and display this alert on the portal for the tenant as well as the owner. The occupant management allows owners to have a comprehensive layout and the map of the building stored in the system.

A powerful tool to manage automated Planned-Preventive-Maintenance (PPM), the solution has features such as billing and inventory management through billing information can be captured based on factors like warranties, services, type of product, their quantities and parts replacements. Other important features include request resolution & closure and request management.

Centra REMS is provided by CentraHub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and the most trusted real estate software vendor in Singapore. It has features that encompass every business aspect and have the potential to give you ROI in a very short period of time, making it the best real estate CRM software with customizable options.

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