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Focus MRP enables you to navigate with ease through the maze of complex manufacturing processes to achieve the highest degree of compliance and customer satisfaction. With Focus MRP’s finite and infinite planning capabilities, you can automate operations on all levels and introduce greater transparency and control in manufacturing activities.

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Top Benefits


Business Benefits

    • Minimize production bottlenecks
    • Achieve greater transparency and operational control
    • Reduce costs and increase resource utilization
    • Better customer satisfaction with on-time delivery
    • Plan order or forecast based production for increased profitability

Functional Benefits

    • Skill based identification and planning of human or machine resources for work centres
    • Scheduling of output based on plant-wise capacity
    • Can achieve standard output with pre-defined route in production line
    • On-time material requirement analysis and procurement reminders
    • Can Generate reports based on forecast, process or completion

Technical Benefits

    • Developed on .Net with MS-SQL
    • Fully integrated with the ERP
    • API Enabled
    • N-tier architecture supports Load balancing

With Focus MRP, you can introduce greater transparency and operational control while achieving standard output with pre-defined route in the production line. On-time analysis of material requirement and timely procurement reminders add to the list of reasons why you should choose Focus MRP as your Material Requirement Planning Software.

Modules and Features

Production Master Data

Production Master Data

  • Bill of Material
  • Production Resource Tools
  • GUI Routing
  • Work Centre Capacity Definitions
Material Requirement Planning

Material Requirement Planning

  • Lead Time Analysis
  • Quotation Analysis
  • Supplier Contract Management
  • Material Requirement for Planned Orders and Forecast
  • Planning for dependent and Independent Requirements
Shop Floor Management

Shop Floor Management

  • Issues and Transfers to Production
  • Variance Analysis
  • Replenishment Report
Shift Management

Shift Management

  • Integration with finance and Inventory
  • Updating of the Production Cost including overhead
  • Integration with Warehouse Management for better Inventory control
  • IT management
Quality Control

Quality Control

  • User Defined Test Definition
  • Rule definition for testing
  • QC Requisition
  • Sample And Total Test
  • Test Approvals
  • Quantity Breakups


  • Job Definition for individual Machine or Asset
  • Job Scheduling
  • Maintenance Job Card
  • Break down scheduling
Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets

  • Asset Tracking and management
  • Add and Remove Value or Components
  • Capitalization of asset
  • Transfer of asset
  • Allows Conversion of asset
  • Retire asset
  • Schedule depreciation and
  • Customizable Reports

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