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Built on a revolutionary system architecture, Focus 8 is a highly dynamic and multi-capability ERP software for enterprise level solutions across all industries. Equipped with a robust BI and a modular structure that allows you to decide your ERP roll-out strategy, Focus 8 is capable of adapting to your organizational hierarchy and ensure operational unification across your organization.

Focus 8 is a cloud based multilingual business application that complies with local tax regulations in many countries where it’s being used. .


A revolutionary product, Focus i combines the sharpness of Business Intelligence with the depth of a traditional ERP. It enables users to run statistical models, analyze data, ex-tract, and generate business intelligence reports on the go.


Improve your warehouse efficiency by introducing automated processes and tighter controls. Focus WMS is the answer for all your warehouse management challenges as it helps you optimize your inventory with accurate forecast and provides flexible automated support to process movement of goods and management of stock.

Focus WMS is suitable for both multi-warehouse establishments as well as single store warehouses. It’s a cloud based solution and helps automate distribution, ensuring on-time order fulfillment and shipment.


Focus MRP enables you to navigate with ease through the maze of complex manufacturing processes to achieve the highest degree of compliance and customer satisfaction. With Focus MRP’s finite and infinite planning capabilities, you can automate operations on all levels and introduce greater transparency and control in manufacturing activities.


Effectively convert your leads and opportunities into revenue-paying customers using powerful tools. Boost your operations with tools such as sales lifecycle stages including estimation, quotation management, authorizations, calendars and activity trackers and many more power-packed features through our robust, easy-to-use and comprehensive platform that is agile enough to suit the size and scale requirements of your organization.


Rise higher with our efficient Human Capital Management. Generate financial compensation consisting of rewards, benefits, leaves, end of service, wages, salaries, bonuses and commissions provided at regular intervals.


Sell or lease real estate assets with ease through holistic management tools. Enjoy 360 degree visibility of leads and opportunities for buyers and tenants The modules of Centra REMS will help you manage Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns, Leads, Property Units, Quotations, Sales Orders Invoicing, Lease Contracts & Invoicing, Sales Life Cycle, Booking & Registration Management, Possession & Snag-list Management, Transfers & Cancellation Management, Calendar Management, Tasks, Appointments, Currency and many more aspects of real estate operations.


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