Established in 1992, Focus Softnet rose from a regional IT company to a multinational business solutions provider and innovator. With its acclaimed products and services, strong emphasis on R&D and a richly experienced work force, Focus has expanded across 17 countries around the globe, operating from 27 offices.

focus 9

The flagship ERP of Focus Softnet, powered by the Pronghorn server and in-memory computing

focus 8

A powerful ERP with a reliable BI engine and comprehensive modules

focus wms

An all-encompassing solutions for warehouses and logistic establishments

focus mrp

A complete ERP software for manufacturing companies

centra crm

A full-stacked CRM solution for businesses of all sizes

centra hcm

A HR software that covers all aspects of human resource management

focus i

A business application equipped with fully customizable features

focus pos

An ERP for retail establishment with enhanced point of sale and billing capabilities

centra rems

A unified platform to manage real estate sales, leasing, construction and assets

focus erms

A restaurant management software with features to manage tables, kitchens and inventory

centra auto

A complete DMS solution for establishments dealing in automobile sales, leasing and rentals

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